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Buy Primary School Exam Papers

Primary 56 Maths Book A (Vol 1). Different type of tricky, challenging questions are selected from PSLE and primary 6 Prelim Exam Paper from different famous primary school in Singapore. Model question for your test and examination. All questions arranged in topics. Price 25.00. 25.00 Purchase Checkout Added. Choose the Year of the Examination Papers you require from the right-hand side. Examination Papers. All Exam Papers are in.pdf format. Other Examination Papers. From 2015 entry onwards, our Junior Entrance papers have changed. The English and Mathematics papers remain one hour papers but contain fewer scholarship type questions. Instead there are more questions to discriminate ability around our pass mark. The Mathematics paper no longer has a Section B and calculators.

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Oct 11, 2007. SHEEJA, published by Success Publications quite good-have lots of thinking quetions, i used this book to teach her during her first year in primary school. i also bought past year papers for her to do. in addition, i also bought Top Schools Exam Papers Model answers published by Amazing Books and.

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