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Someone Reported My Passport Lost

Now, you may ask, how long after I lose my passport should I report it to the government agency, and the answer is immediately. Do this quickly and as soon as you find out you lost your passport for 2 reasons first, you dont want someone else to use your. Jan 10, 2016. I tried to explain that my passport was in my possession and I never reported it as lost or stolen. But the US Customs and Border. Question for which I could not get any response from Airport authorities, I am hoping someone in the forum could give me some info on are 1. How could my passport be. Secure, online lost property reporting accredited by UK Police. You must report the loss or theft of your identity document to the local police, in Switzerland or abroad, as soon as possible. If you do not do so, you will not be able to apply for a replacement. An identity document that has been reported as lost is no longer valid and must be returned to the passport authority if found.

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Reporting a lost or stolen passport

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