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Louisiana Purchase Thesis

Many fine studies illuminate aspects of the Louisiana Purchase territories post-purchase involvement in slavery issues.. Hill University of North Carolina Press, 1997) Robert P. Forbes, Slavery and the Meaning of America, The Missouri Compromise, 1819-1837 (PhD thesis, Yale University, 1994) (soon to be published. Jun 6, 2017. This research paper will analyze the treaty and delve into the context behind the purchase of Louisiana by dividing it into three parts. Wall, Helen B. The Transfer of Louisiana from France to Spain. M.A. thesis, Louisiana State University, 1960. iv, 110 p. 664 Welborn, C. A. The Red River Controversy The Western Boundary of the Louisiana Purchase. N.p. Printed by Nortex Offset Publications, 1973. 107 p. History of the dispute over the boundary.

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Louisiana Purchase Thesis Paper

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