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Research Buying Behaviour

To provide the student with an understanding of how the diversity of concepts and theories combine with research methodologies to investigate various consumption practices and processes, in order to prepare them for the final year Consumer Research programme. To provide the student with both an explanatory and. The research on impulse buying behavior has many practical benefits and by revealing the relative importance of factors affecting the impulse buying behavior. Understanding Consumer Behaviour in the current Market Place. The current market place has become more competitive and fast-paced. International marketers are keen to find some practical and scientific ways to monitor their customers. The field of consumer research has thus called for new perspectives to investigate. A research on Chinese consumers buying behaviour towards mobile phone cases Case company Mozo Oy. Number of report pages and attachment pages. 639 supervisor(s). Pertti Tilli. Jari Luomakoski. The aim of this bachelors thesis was to study Chinese consumers buying process when buying mobile phone.

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