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Custom t shirts get your companys logo, name, products services noticed.fast, easy, in a way that meets your marketing budget.100 Risk-FREE! MARCO has been providing unbeatable prices, quality, service to custom printed promotional t-shirt buyers since 1964.. MARCO MAKES BUYING CUSTOM custom t shirts. Start a clothing line. private label your brand. Buy in Bulk. Get the best discounts. Sell at events, stores, or pop ups. items Explore our wide selection of Buy Custom products and designs to fit your unique style. Sep 26, 2011. 3. How many total custom shirts you want to order? A normal minimum for screen printing is between 12 and 24 pieces, while orders of just a few pieces are done using a heat transfer. Screen printing shops normally price custom t-shirts on a sliding scale, meaning, the more t-shirts you buy, the cheaper the.

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