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Book Editing Services Reviews

Sep 25, 2013. I am an editor but even I benefit from having someone look over my work for any typos I may have missed or for the scattered word or phrase which may be tweaked. Also, because my books are close to my heart, there may be areas someone else may see differently - areas which can be cut because they. Fiction book editor Kristen Hamilton is an award-winning editor who provides professional manuscript editing services.

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How to Find an Editor as a Self-Published Author | Jane Friedman

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Services include Developmental Editing, Book Doctoring, Ghostwriting, and Ghostwriting Estimate and Sample. Services include a Quality Review and an Editorial Assistant as an add-on to all of our Core and Advanced Editorial Services. Feb 24, 2017. I wish I could tell you that proofreading will always cost one cent per word, copyediting two cents per word, and developmental editing three cents per word, but the truth is much hazier than that. While I will provide hard numbers, you should first know certain essentials about hiring an editor. This information. Silver (48-hour editing service) 10.99Professional book editing services can turn a. What is the best way to be compensated for editing services for a book? Book editing doctoring to take your manuscript to a publishable standard. Get a book review writing critique with your FREE editing sample. Our goal is to provide.

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