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Writing Custom Sql In Webi

The Rules of BO Custom SQL Editing. Here are a few rules that you must follow when working with Custom SQL in Web Intelligence. This will show you what BUsinessObjects sent to the SQL server, and in the event of custom SQL its the query you wrote. There may be a time when you want to simply just write your own custom sql in cakephp. web developer says August 29, 2011 at 632 am. thanx.

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Passing parameters using custom sql in Webi-Q&A.Science

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Limitation of Using custom SQL in Webi Report by jay. SOM 20.in which I an writing in selsct as. Documents Similar To Webi Custom SQL Limitations. Apr 19, 2012. We have some existing reports for CMDB which include some standard fields for CIs e.g. Categoty, Type Item etc. What Id like to do is use these standard field and add some custom SQL to create a new report which will return any duplicate CIs where a duplicate is a CI in the with a common CI class, with. In this version of Argus Insight, Report Writer uses the features of BusinessObjects XI to let you create custom reports by directly selecting data mart fields and viewing the. The Report Writer queries the data mart, automatically executes the query for every field you selected, and displays the data for the selected fields.

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