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How To Get Paid For Writing Articles

Oct 15, 2014. Youre more likely to make decent money writing for sites that pay up front. These sites are often more reputable and established in their niches, and pay you a fixed fee per article instead of the pennies that roll in from rev-share sites. The upside is that they often have a decent following, so youre reaching. Aug 23, 2017. In the article, the writer describes the direction in which Medium seems to be headed. More paid subscribers more money for writers better content more paid subscribers. If this happens, and that is an enormous if, then Medium may or may not have found a key to unlock the solution to the problem.

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Get Paid to Write Articles on These 45+ Websites

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Writing is one the best and easiest way to earn money online. You can write articles, tutorials, essays, speeches, thesis and other typs of content to earn money. You just need to know English to write articles and get paid. You dont need to be an expert, There are so many topics to choose. You can write about any topic of. FundsForWriters.com is looking for practical articles aimed at helping writers get paid for their writing they have a preference for success stories. They pay 45 50 per article depending on whether you want to be paid via Check or Paypal, and articles are usually accepted within a week of submission. Write short articles usually less than 500 words on selected topics and get paid 10 to 14 per accepted article. Payment is made every week on Friday via PayPal. Knoji (re-branded from factoidz). A well-to-do content company where you earn up to 30 in upfront bonuses plus revenue share for writing excellent product.

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