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Easy Buy Online Ctric Stack Paper Cutter

paper chopper electric paper cutter machine electric guillotine paper cutter polar paper cutter paper shape cutter tabletop paper cutter paper cutter machine price 24 paper cutter paper cutting printer craft paper cutter machine trimmer paper manual paper cutting machine paper trimmers and cutters xcut paper. All heavy duty steel base Easy control cutting handle bar Clamp wheel for better holding the thick papers Ruler in inches and clear embossed grid for precise cutting Adjustable backstop with lock for holding paper well. The HFS 17 Guillotine Paper Cutter is a commercial grade trimmer capable of cutting up to 400. You can find these cutters online and on ebay for about 140. It has a 12 x 12. Cutting paper is easy with a stack cutter just keep in mind you cant cut a huge stack. Jody Kenney. Thanks, Alex. I was about to buy a Challenge even though it was too big. Electric stack paper cutters make precision cutting easy and cut down on fatigue. We offer a great selection of electric paper cutters from reputable manufacturers such as Triumph, Dahle, Martin Yale and others.. More Details, Sale Price 4,814.

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