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While a part-time faculty member struggling to pay their rent or buy groceries may have the potential to do such research, finding time to produce outstanding research, while teaching twelve or more courses per year, makes it difficult, if not impossible, to produce the research needed to move into a tenured position at a. A faculty member with the same salary from a department with a 1-1 standard course load will. The policy outlined in this document is for partial release from coursework while a. A course buy-out cannot be used in conjunction with an appointment to research. View. New Courses. An Effective Guide For Integrating Debate in the Classroom. 449.00. 3 Credits. 349.00. Non-credit (45 hours). View Applying the Habits of Mind in the Classroom and Beyond. 449.00. 3 Credits. 349.00. Non-credit (45 hours). View Classroom Management Strategies for an Organized Classroom.

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